HapPpPpPpPpPy anniversary Haitham :))

Today marks my 12th anniversary, with…….

 diabetes 😛



Random things you do NOT know about me (& probably you shouldn`t :P)

I did this a few years back on Facebook, it didn`t turn out very well I got to  tell ya! But here goes 🙂 Random +20 things about me you do NOT know:

  1. I`m dangerously stubborn.
  2. I talk fast in 3 different languages (no bragging here, it`s a disadvantage actually!).
  3. I used to have very long hair during BA (dark) times, now I can see the light :D.
  4. I have all kinds of allergies to “have to`s“.
  5. For the past 21 years; I have been brushing my teeth regularly for at least one time / day.
  6. I resent people who smoke in public! (opppps) and/or say/think it`s ok.
  7. I was the 2nd youngest registered member -at the age of 17- in the Jordanian Association for Anti-Smoking الجمعية الأردنية لمكافحة التدخين.
  8. I have an arduous habit of reading; online & offline alike. Book worm suits me just fine :). I take a lot of material to read on each day; whether excerpts of a book/novel or printed out material of online media/blogs.  I don`t like to skim read, rather I read carefully & repeatedly. You can find loads of papers with/on/at me.
  9. My favourite number is 19, it associates a lot with me!, and my favourite colour is green.
  10. I have beeeeeeeeeeeeeeautiful toes! Care to check the pic hereunder?    (طربش nooooooooooo, plz don`t , for humanity`s sake….), ok, I shall listen to my “advisor”.
  11. In 1998, I was diagnosed with diabetes – type I. (12 years in the business so far :D)
  12. My favourite sport is handball (and I`m pretty good at it too ;)).
  13. At my teen years; I used to do bags of cover songs, some on stage! Some used to claim my voice is similar to Dolores! (طربش you WISH!)
  14. I don`t drink coffee (the smell of it gives me major headaches :(, and I haven`t had soda in 10 years.
  15. Regarding music; I`m living in the 80`s, I believe it`s the best era…ever! But -admittedly- I like pop music & alternative rock as well.
  16. I had my 1st crush at 2nd grade; her name was Manal. (طربش tell them about the play, tell them about the play). $$ it 6orob$!
  17. I`m a courteous road user. Nevertheless, I hate driving to the maximum.
  18. I can`t get enough of these female voices: Gloria Estefan, Shania Twain, Jewel, Dido, and Sade. As for male voices: Peter Cetera, Julio Iglesias, Gary (from TakeThat), Phil Collins, Aaron lewis (from Staind), Chris Martin (from ColdPlay), and Richard Marx.
  19. Mr. television is not a welcomed guest in our house! This has been going on for 5 years now.

I`m going to push the stop button right now (check #1 + #9).

* Naturally a lot of these r just 4 laughs :D; it`s just we got a lot of these “tags” so I figured to twist it a bit 😉


Hello there,

Some of you already know I made a complete fool out of my self during the very beginning of this post! I totally misread some of the settings around here; it resulted in chaos :D, apologies for that (no body told me changing the theme would cause all the settings to be obsolete) <— excuses excuses :P.

When one starts a new blog; s/he is supposed to be excited about it and begin posting like no tomorrow! But I took my sweet time alright :D, so thanks for bearing with me guys.

I WILL get the hang of it and start bombarding, me promise :).