Hello there,

Some of you already know I made a complete fool out of my self during the very beginning of this post! I totally misread some of the settings around here; it resulted in chaos :D, apologies for that (no body told me changing the theme would cause all the settings to be obsolete) <— excuses excuses :P.

When one starts a new blog; s/he is supposed to be excited about it and begin posting like no tomorrow! But I took my sweet time alright :D, so thanks for bearing with me guys.

I WILL get the hang of it and start bombarding, me promise :).



8 responses

  1. try and try my friend
    لازم مانعرف الشي الا اذا تعلمنا من أخطائنا ^_^ وهذا الشي جربته مرتين غلط وفي الاخير قدرت اعرف اي مشكله في اي شي انا اشتغل عليه
    بالتوفيق ..


    • I wanted to make sure I get some indepth info about WordPress 1st, still giving me some hard time though! But here we are 🙂


  2. These things happen to the best of us!
    Actually i’m quite fortunate that I came across your blog. I’m in the process of deciding which blog providers I should use, and it’s always good to learn from fellow bloggers’ misfortunes.


    • Hello Haitham and welcome aboard 🙂
      These misfortunes do not come without a price you know 😉 “but you shall get a deserved discount, because you are a Haitham after all, lol”

      * WordPress is the one my friend, it has the best combination of “everything” you need in a blog -in my opinion-.


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