Mad world!

I`m sitting at the Saudi airlines office -the only one in the city- and …. it`s crowded! After 6 tiring weeks they managed to “find” our tickets and reschedule our flights.

All this because the SV switched its booking system to Amadeus (about time!).

The thing that irritates me is the Customer Service -or lack of it- around here; the treatment is ever so bad and they simply lie to people! You see, I have worked on the Amadeus system for a little while (back in 2006), and I know pits and pieces about it. They were telling people that their reservations are not correct and they should go back to whomever booked for them in the 1st stance. I know they were lying because they were using certain “lingo” known to aviation people in which instructing staff to overlook any “situation” that they can`t handle. (cant handle = poor or lack of knowledge of the system on their part!)

Half of the staff here are clueless to the coding and procedures of the new system; every 10 seconds they run to the supervisor and/or Amadeus`s agent for instructions.

That`s how I ended spending my whole day (ever since 7 AM) at this “dull” premises, it`s almost 1.30 PM now!

What is getting on my nerves even more is that they are showing stupid programmes on TV and when asked to switch to news to see the updates on the situation in Gaza, they refused! I opened Al-Jazeera on the laptop and started gathering people around, only 2 people had any idea of what`s going on! Really 😦 . One of them was a French guy, who was amazed by the situation, repeatedly calling it “impossible” in his own accent.  (we made friends with each other, he was planning a trip back home and landing in Jordan for a few days :))

I`m just awaiting final procedures to end my “situation”, and watching the news. The supervisor is giving me the “looks” because I`m stealing from their Internet provider but I don`t give a care!

SV office @ Khamees Mushait… You FAIIIIIIIIIIIL! Big time.


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  2. It is quite sad the way they act, mashallah 3lahon they don’t even want to watch the news to see what is happening around them?! Shou ha??


  3. We have a huge problem in our customer server all around the Arab world.
    They should give the staff full courses on the new program before applying it in the work

    I do not want to generalize, but I feel that people in the Gulf are very far from what is happening in other countries, especially in Palestine, they have limited reactions on some events.


    • “Huge” being an understatement!
      Jala6oony 😦
      I think what you described is true whisper, I agree, but that`s a blog for another day 🙂


  4. مساء الخير يا هيثم
    ومنذ متى يوجد مكتب تسير معاملات عربي، سواء كان حجز تذاكر ولا حجز بطيخ بعامل الناس من دون كذب وسمات بدن
    أما بالنسبة لقناة الجزيرة فبعض الدول تعتبرها قنوات معادية!
    على العموم كسبت صداقة الفرنسي، أحسنلك من كل اللي في مكتب الخطوط الجوية
    على فكرة قرأت تعليقك اليوم على الكاتب ابراهيم جابر ابراهيم وعجبني كتير
    كل الود والحب هيثم


    • معك حق و الله يا نادر! ما في أي داع للاستغراب 🙂
      الكاتب إبراهيم بحترمه و هو شخص له باع طويل أكيد، و لكن توقيت المقال لم يكن -برأيي- موفقا ً.

      الفرنسي -نسيت اسمه! :(- وعدني بالاتصال بي قبل سفره، شكلو بدّو إيّاني أخبره عن وادي رم + البتراء 🙂


  5. Wo a7la brother Haitham 3la elbest =) So you are coming to Jordan? Jordan is waiting for you buddy, and regarding that office, well, I had one of the worst experiences with the Saudi Airports, so that is fine! Allah bi3enak!

    A French guy carries more about Gaza than those Saudis! What a life!


    • I have yet another “visit” there; there shall be theft 😛
      If this is considered incriminating; I`m taking you down with me, lol 😀


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