Appearances & shallowness,,,over-rated? may be may be nOt!

Two weeks ago I was listening to my fav. DJ – Cynthia Al-Atrash, from Radio Jordan – English Service. She was talking about appearances and how they affect our perceptions, likes & dislikes, and so on.

I realize it`s a subject we stumble upon on daily basis; we tend to make all sorts of decisions based (almost solely) on the 1st glance, looks, and appearances.

Why do we that? Really why! Are we that consumed into superficiality to that extent? You tell me.

During Cynthia`s show, she got a few phone calls talking about the issue; the responses were amazingly thought-provoking: 1 girl spoke how her sister was so obsessed with looks that she had a surgery that costed a fortune, a guy said how he measures girls based on their outside appearances ONLY, and the like…

So what about it friends, getting a well-shaped body, doing a nose-job to look like certain actor/actress, wearing excessively just for the sake to impress people, .. etc.

Are you guilty of this as well? Sometimes? not any more? Tell me 🙂

* This post was intrigued by a wonderful entry by one of the greatest bloggers out there, Ola. (Check it out, won`t ya) 🙂 

** You can listen to Cynthia on Saturday nights(8-11) + Wednesdays (11-1) noon on the frequency 96.3 FM if you are in Amman or through the website  , you will absolutely love her shows, trust me 🙂

And she is ON now btw 😀 


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  3. This is true to a huge extent, even love.. “love at first sight” that is superficial the way we see the outer apperance and judge that person before we even get to know them


  4. Working on appearance only does not get you far! But When you have quit a good core, then looking better can really make a huge difference!

    I always look for the really balanced people and try to befriend them! Do not you think that balance is what matters?

    Besides, I believe that your appearance is something that matters for others more than for you! Why be an eye sour? But there are always the smart ways of doing it right without wasting too much time and money!

    P.S. I see you are an old man ;p still listening to my fav childhood radio station! ;p


    • You know Haitham; I`m afraid it DOES get you far these days (years rather!).
      Obsession with looks is every where :(, in each aspect of our daily life.
      We need a resolution my friend, honestly.

      P.S. back: what`s yr point? 😉 I`ve been listening to it since I was 12 (i.e. million years ago), worked there for wonderful 11 months too; it was my 1st real job 😀


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  6. First, thanks for the compliment 😀

    I guess I said all I can say about this in the post, but honestly you reach a point where you think: you can’t tell people what to like and not to like, at the end they’ll probably learn their lesson the hard way!


    • What compliment? I was stating a fact 🙂
      I hope people read your entry, it is thorough and true!

      & in today`s world; learning it the hard way is the thing it seems 🙂 + 😦


  7. i think it’s something -like many-that we make ourselves obsessed with.
    Did you realize how is it when someone say something we tend to think like them just because they are so and so and then after years these ideas start to become like a religion to us.

    Appearances is NOT important. like everyone i am guilty of believing in the first look and the first impression. but i am trying my best to grow out of it.

    And by the way i am one of those people who are always judged in the wrong way by the first look and i don’t say this in defend of my self OR maybe i am defeding my self. maybe if we start to treat others the way we are treated (i.e. we don’t want to be judged becuse of what we wear or how big our noses or our look)
    Because the person is much more than just look or clothes.
    Show me the brain but more importantly show me the heart 🙂


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