saying yes & no

تعلّم أن تقول لا للجيّد لكي تتمكّن أن تقول نعم للممتاز

جون ماكسويل 

Learn to say ”no” to the good so you can say ”yes” to the best

John Maxwell

قائل العبارة إداريّ فذ و صاحب كتب عديدة عن القيادة و مهارات الاتصال و هي تصلح -برأيي- لكافة مناحي الحياة و ليس فقط في بيئة العمل

* استقيت العبارة قبل فترة من جانسيت  


14 responses

    • :), thx Hidaya.
      I have been meaning to change it but my PC at work was ill! Lol, + some “options” do not appear in every theme, I think I`m gonna stick to this one 🙂


  1. i find it difficult to judge whats absolute best in life, sometimes i wonder what if? what if there’s better?
    I guess its all about taking that leap of faith and trusting your guts!

    How’s your job hunting going? inshallah good news will prevail soon!


    • Hello Batool,
      Thx 4 yr comment 🙂
      It is a matter of taking risks (calculated risks may be!) and taking what life has to offer and act accordingly.

      My job hunt is still …THERE! I got rejection letters (nice ones :D) from everybody so far, no body wants me :(, lool.



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