Today marks the World Diabetes Day.

+225 millions are affected with diabetes, estimates say that an increase by 100# (yes! 1oo) is expected in 2030!

I`m not going to bombard you with endless statistics here but urge you to take care and get yourselves checked. And if you are a diabetic; take extra care, follow your meal-plans, exercise, do your regular tests, …etc.



7 responses

  1. Diabetes should be taken more seriously,these days it’s not uncommon to find in every family a diabetic.We’re hearing about children who are diabetic-actually my nephew had it when he was 4 years old-and people are dieing because of it.I know I’ve talked a lot but it’s so frustrating how people -diabetic or non-diabetic-deal with this issue so carelessly


    • Agreed, awareness is key! It is something that can be delt with effectively through proper channels of education.

      Thx for yr comment Aalia 🙂
      I hope yr nephew is well and safe.


  2. Yes, I would like to remind patients enno mshan allah 5odo el2dwiyeh…

    Kollo kom wella el zalameh elli bykoon el sukar 3indo 600, ou daghto 160/100, ou bi2ollak “doctor ana mosh hases be eshi, se7ti tamam!”


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