World No Tobacco Day

May 31 2011, marks the World No Tobacco Day.

In short, I`d like to see more people quiting, or starting to. Would loooooooooove to see less people whining about it and mingling unrelated stuff into the whole notion of smoking.

It is an addiction – #Fact, not just a nasty habit.

It kills! Period.

It is nOt an act “act! Shot me now” of free-will, you are depriving me, our generations to come, AND your-self from air. Start doing something about it, today! Get help. Save your body/mind, and soul.

Thank you kindly.

Not-so-ordinary Jordanians: Change or Be Changed (via Cinnamon Zone)

Another role-model.
Read it you guys 🙂

Not-so-ordinary Jordanians: Change or Be Changed This series aims to shed light on the people who are the underlying driving power of change in the Jordanian society: The ordinary citizens with extraordinary ideas, stories or actions. If I was to describe this man in one sentence, it would be “a man you can never get bored listening to”. Still,  that won’t be enough; because you don’t just enjoy what he says, you also come out of it feeling like a better human being already, or at least wanting … Read More

via Cinnamon Zone

FemEO: For ladies who (net)work (via Caledoniyya)

A great initiative…

FemEO: For ladies who (net)work A dreadfully belated heads-up on a fabulous initiative launched by the folks at Bayt earlier this month. FemEO provides an online community for professional women in the Middle East region and combines quizzes, articles and advice for all aspects of working – and personal – life. From Manal Al-Sharif’s crusade against the insane ban on female drivers in Saudi Arabia to finding a job that boosts positivity, it provides a wide-ranging network to co … Read More

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