my 24 hours in Jordan last week

I have been pushing back this entry because of the many woeful “things” happening in Jordan lately, but as a personal booster “mainly for me!” I decided to post it,, so here goes…


I was in a quick visit to Jordan last week, I stayed for less than a day.   

I went to Al-Karak 🙂 “had an interview at Mutah university

It was rather a long ride from my home city Al-Zarqa but I enjoyed it. 

On my way and back I had the fortunate opportunity to meet 7 wonderful people. I picked them up on my “journey” and they were so nice and refreshing. 

They all persistently asked me to come-in for lunch 😀  “typical us, ha!” 😉

I remembered how I was in the opposite situation, two months ago, waiting onMa`an`s bridge for a ride to Mutah university 🙂 

In the midst of what`s happening these days in Jordan, I just wanted to recall on happier notes and felt like sharing :), and if you think for one minute that I am promoting Jordan by this then you are absolutely positively 100% correct 😀

You are ok Jordan, you are ok.


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  1. I saw this post when it first went up, and apologize for my delay in commenting.

    It is a delightful post, and an important counterbalancing of the Jordan that makes the news.

    Jordan is very high on my list of countries to visit, primarily because of the people, but also because of the cultural heritage, including Petra and Madaba.

    I also want to visit the hospitals my Jordanian student did her research in.

    Too bad the hub sold the air tickets to Jordan he won in a raffle, before I could communicate my plans. I still occasionally shoot him a LOOK over that, but he no longer recognizes why! LOL 😀

    Thanks for a great post, and sharing your love of your beautiful country and people!


  2. يعني بدك تحكيلنا
    !!!ان خليت….بليت
    انا مع ان تصرف اي شخص بمثله هو بس وما بصير نسقطه على جماعه كامله
    ولكن في تصرفات شخص ….بتجلط 😦


    • بالضبط ! إن خليت بليت 🙂

      و مع إنو في ناس بتجلط صحيح بس ، مشيييييييييييييييييييييييييييييييي 🙂


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