Mish 3aib (via my treasure)

مش عيييييييييب أبداً

no shame …

All work is honorable. There is no shame in any form of honest work. Bloggers Ehab and Ali talk about a new initiative where white-collar workers try a blue-collar job for the day, validating those who do it for  living, and learning great lessons in the process. I think I want to try a day as one of my local heroes, a GAM street cleaner. Not to mention the cool bright orange jumpsuit. Might cause  few accidents, though. From Ehab: Mish 3aib [ = … Read More

via my treasure


5 responses

  1. مــا اختلفنا الشغل مش عيب ….بس ما بتوصل الشغله إنو نحط بنات بالكازيات يشتغلوا زي ما حطوا التلقزيون الأردني ريبورتاج قبل كمن يوم عن هالمبادره !!!!!!!!! البنت إلها مكانتها وفي شغلات ما بتزبط تشتغلها صونا لها


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