Appearances …. revisited.

I trust [some] of you remembers this

I felt like writing a second post about it for 2 reasons:

this and the reactions of my students as we made role plays regarding job interviews.

I had several interview practices -me being the interviewee- , each with different “look”.

My students almost entirely voted for the “good-looks” candidate.

They declined the 1 with the frenzy T-shirt, longish hair-style, …

I wanna ask you, all of you, what do YOU do in order to prevent yourself from making superficial judgment(s), not relying on appearances “alone”?

Do you write a reminder? Put it on your bathroom mirror, in your car, on your mobile, in your wallet? What!

It`s easy to catch one`s-self DOING generalizations, are we aware of that, are we really!

What do you think?





5 responses

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  2. I think it depends on the place. I expect one to be in his best shape in an interview. He or she should be dressed up properly for the interview. On the street, since it is not my business I don’t think much about how someone looks.
    Now, to answer your question. Learning not to generalize came after lots of experience of meeting different people who proved me wrong in my stereotyping. I don’t need a reminder, although of course I still sometimes generalize. But I am much better now than before and I admit I am still learning.


    • Thanks Jaraad, I guess in an interview things r sort of formal, so … but still I -also- guess that judging a candidate in an interview setting based on cloths (or other parameters) comes from our social “residues” of viewing the “other”
      [what if the job was for a fashion designer for instance, would it be “cool” to wear certain outfit for a job-interview? or is that an exception? Why can`t THAT be generalized] 😀

      As for reminders, I think yours are under the implicit category :), based on experiences and how they got “installed” within you. 🙂


  3. umm, it is really hard not to judge people based on the appearance, let’s face it, it is essential, especially in a job interview, now coming to an interview with a frenzy T-shirt is not smart, is it?
    so it really can tell you a lot about the person!
    on the other hand, in our daily life, we should have that reminder that tells us not to judge based on the looks! what I want to say, is when you interact with that person, you will not have to put reminders 🙂 because at that time, you will judge based on looks and personality too!


    • Thanks Manal,
      I agree largely to what u say, I guess I read ya! 🙂
      Regarding interviews though, u r looking for qualifications, skills, personality, etc… is is a safe assumption that if I wear a certain outfit with showy colours = I`m not a good fit for the / a job? 🙂
      It is hard as u said.


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