This entry is intrigued by this, this, this, this (longish read [in Arabic; available in English as well], and this movie

I`m opting to concentrate on my spiritual aspects rather than engage in endless debates/fights with atheists! I keep losing arguments almost each time! We reach a point of no-return so immensely and sO frequently that I`m starting to realize that it`s a total waste of time!

I can excuse someone who does not believe in God from getting how important and soothing it is to recite prayers in the morning, to pray when everyone else is in their comfortable sleep, to realize that there IS a judgment day, and there is life after death.

I don`t want to find my self captivated in everlasting contentions regarding the existence of Allah, for every thing around us is a crying-out loud proof. No, I won`t. I shall invest in that time in a more wisely fashion; I shall strengthen my faith by all means available and strive to be a good Muslim, because that`s who I am, and that`s whom I will always be.


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  1. Ah, sometimes it’s pointless to argue because they never will understand. I just tend to agree to disagree. 🙂

    I think you have a good plan! Focusing on yourself is very important!


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