Can I?

Yesterday I went out with two good friends of mine (good being = great), we had a bit of a struggle meeting up as I “surrendered” my mobile phone that day (I`m getting a new one! Yippiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie 😛) I had to look for a phone in order to tell them my whereabouts and decide where/when to meet.

It made me think! I recalled how a lot of my friends tried to abandon technology for some time because they were fed up with… EVERYTHING! I remember how the majority failed to survive w/o their cell-phones OR checking their E-mails for more than 24 hours.

Nowadays it`s even more and more difficult to detach one`s self from the online world! The connectedness is simply overwhelming, there is almost NO escape from it.

But then again, quiet a few who managed (managed! :D) pulling it through talked about a unique experience of a peaceful, no-tech world -even if it was for a little while-, and coming back more energetic, in good spirits, and more wired if you want.

I want to give it a try! But when I thought about it I realized I`d fail miserably :(.

So I decided to take it easy and gradually, I thought I`d wait for one week before rewiring with a mobile phone + stop appearing on Twitter  (since I spend a lot of time there!) and see how things go!

I`m not sure if I will “survive”, but I guess it will be a good experience! I`m currently unemployed and do not really need a mobile and in the same time I do have a lot of free time on my hands; so it IS a challenge 🙂

As I type this I`m thinking of cheating! Saying to myself that I`ll only check my Twitter account once / day , or just see who messaged me there, but NO, it`s either a total cut or not 🙂

A week w/o technology is way too much for me, but I`ll start with bits and pieces from it and let you know what happens!

As for what am I going to do with all that offline time, most probably it`ll be spent catching up on some reading(s)! 🙂

See you next Sunday!

عماد نفاع

Today marks my birthday, I`m 32 now! But that`s not what I want to talk about (phewwww) 🙂

I read this post [in Arabic] and it made me think, I took a trip in memory lane; recalling a lot of friends who are not with us right now, friends I have never met in person, yet feel the “connectedness” with them, feel it very much! One of those fiends is Imad Naffa, a successful Jordanian/American business man who passed away on the 6th of September, exactly 40 days ago.

Like many others I never shook his hand, like many others I couldn`t sense the huskiness in his voice as he talks about Jordan and how much he misses being there, like many others I didn`t see the sparkle in his eyes when he asserted how much he believes in Jordanian youth potential.

I`ll never have the chance to consult with you about the coming TEDx Amman event, wanted to ask you how to best utilize my participation in it, never going to get that feedback from you about time management seminars I wanted to hold, never going to have the rich wonderful [fights] with you over your tweets.

Imad, you make one feel as he knows you from long ago, you are what I like to label …. (positively realistic)

Dear friend, like ALL others, I`m going to miss you dearly.                                                                                             😦

catching up …? About time I guess

A few nights back I came home rather late, my brother “4 years younger” was staying up for me! As he saw me he hugged me and said: “u scared me!”  And went off afterwards without adding a word.

That night I took his car and for some reason my mobile was acting up (I diverted my calls to another number and it was working at the beginning but for some reason I didn`t get any calls later on that night, typical tech-savvy haitham of course!” , we`ve lost my little brother few years back and I guess that`s why he -my brother- got worried.

In any case, I couldn`t sleep that night, not at all! I realized how “things” have changed in my close circle.

I`ve been away from home for some time now and came back just recently.

Haven`t really had quality time with my brother for a long time, I got married and accepted a job in Saudi Arabia, he also got married and started cultivating his way… simply no time!

I believe it was a night that resembled “taking things for granted” as far as I am concerned, sort of an eye-opener if you want.

I love you dear bro. you are truly my rock to lean on.

الله يخليلي إياك

* don`t get “that” consumed with life and forget the basics, plan to spend more time with your loved ones, start today!