catching up …? About time I guess

A few nights back I came home rather late, my brother “4 years younger” was staying up for me! As he saw me he hugged me and said: “u scared me!”  And went off afterwards without adding a word.

That night I took his car and for some reason my mobile was acting up (I diverted my calls to another number and it was working at the beginning but for some reason I didn`t get any calls later on that night, typical tech-savvy haitham of course!” , we`ve lost my little brother few years back and I guess that`s why he -my brother- got worried.

In any case, I couldn`t sleep that night, not at all! I realized how “things” have changed in my close circle.

I`ve been away from home for some time now and came back just recently.

Haven`t really had quality time with my brother for a long time, I got married and accepted a job in Saudi Arabia, he also got married and started cultivating his way… simply no time!

I believe it was a night that resembled “taking things for granted” as far as I am concerned, sort of an eye-opener if you want.

I love you dear bro. you are truly my rock to lean on.

الله يخليلي إياك

* don`t get “that” consumed with life and forget the basics, plan to spend more time with your loved ones, start today!


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  1. I loved the post. we get busy with our lives, forgetting the basics. we never really do that on purpose, but it happens.
    we need such incidents to happen once in a while to remind us of those basics. to thank God for those blessings and to enjoy them while we can.


  2. Thanks Haitham. I like the way you wrote the story. it was an attractive opening for its content. Adding details to the story helped to get more attention. Yet it is a real life story, you used the proper way to express it. Usually people expressing what they faced in life, with families, or their job, they can’t deliver what they feel and they fall in showing unnecessary details and losing the control of the meaningful points he/she wants to share. Thanks again. I will recommend you to right biographies, other than that for Steve cause some else did 😀


    • شكرا ً نيْسان

      و الله و لا أنا عارف!

      الأجوبة/الأمثلة أمامنا و و و لكن ..


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