عماد نفاع

Today marks my birthday, I`m 32 now! But that`s not what I want to talk about (phewwww) 🙂

I read this post [in Arabic] and it made me think, I took a trip in memory lane; recalling a lot of friends who are not with us right now, friends I have never met in person, yet feel the “connectedness” with them, feel it very much! One of those fiends is Imad Naffa, a successful Jordanian/American business man who passed away on the 6th of September, exactly 40 days ago.

Like many others I never shook his hand, like many others I couldn`t sense the huskiness in his voice as he talks about Jordan and how much he misses being there, like many others I didn`t see the sparkle in his eyes when he asserted how much he believes in Jordanian youth potential.

I`ll never have the chance to consult with you about the coming TEDx Amman event, wanted to ask you how to best utilize my participation in it, never going to get that feedback from you about time management seminars I wanted to hold, never going to have the rich wonderful [fights] with you over your tweets.

Imad, you make one feel as he knows you from long ago, you are what I like to label …. (positively realistic)

Dear friend, like ALL others, I`m going to miss you dearly.                                                                                             😦


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  1. honestly although i never heard about him before his death ….after his death allah yer7amo and because a lot of people talked about him , i felt that he was really a wonderful person ….


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