Beautiful Blogger Award – me

Thanks to Chiara, who for unfathomable reasons :D, enlisted me for the Beautiful Blogger Award.

I`m a lazy blogger at wordpress, I admit it. I`m merely reading for the past year with minimum posts here.

But I`m working on it 🙂

I need to reveal 7 things about my semi-bland self, so here goes!  [consider yourself warned] :

  1. I`m dangerously stubborn!
  2. I talk fast in 3 different languages (no bragging here, it`s a disadvantage actually!)
  3. For the past 21 years; I have been brushing my teeth regularly for at least one time / day
  4. I have an arduous habit of reading; online & offline alike. Book worm suits me just fine :). I take a lot of material to read on each day; whether excerpts of a book/novel or printed out material of online media/blogs.  I don`t like to skim read, rather I read carefully & repeatedly. You can find loads of papers with/on/at me
  5. My favourite number is 19, it associates a lot with me!, and my favourite colour is green
  6. My favourite sport is handball (and I`m pretty good at it too 😉
  7. Since 2005 [still hanging on…] we don`t have a TV. Mr. television is just not a welcomed guest in our house!  🙂

It`s really hard to (do) the nominating thingy 😦

But I shall pick:








Hope you have time to circulate this around. Congrats 🙂


8 responses

  1. Yes, I wish you write more. Unfortunately, it is not just you many other Jordanian bloggers either seldom write posts or they quit.
    By the way, I am entirely opposite of you regarding TV. I can’t live without one 🙂


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  3. Oh my oh my oh myyy, am so flattered, and I feel very beautiful today thanks to you, Im going to internalise that feeling for a while 😀
    What three languages do you speak? 🙂
    I don’t have the time to get on wordpress and follow blogs anymore sadly! Ill nominate you for the mesmerizing blogger award seven times 😛 mni7 hek? 😉


    • I ,the semi-gr8 I, speak … (drum roll) Chechen, Arabic, and لغة الفرنجة! هاها

      7 times [only!], 😛

      *awaits externalization process*


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