Life, or something like it

My journey...

One of the worst feelings ever is feeling your efforts have gone to waste, and that’s how I have been feeling lately. Though something has definitely changed in me. I don’t exactly know when it happened, but it has. Nevertheless, I’m feeling  tired and empty inside…

I heard somewhere that Human life is divided into two major phases: Childhood (with a capital C) and Adulthood (with a capital A). The transition happens naturally and smoothly anywhere from 15 to 25 years old. Naturally and smoothly for most people, that is. And since I belong to the category of people who keep asking themselves existential questions, as Virginia Woolf beautifully puts it “Is human life this? Is human life that?“, questions pragmatic people never have time to ask, I am transiting with a lot of pain, sweat and tears…

I feel I am at a crossroads, not knowing which…

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