Startup disk is almost full.



Sitting in a local book/coffee shop, totally focused on writing and studying this second year of law school mess I am currently in, multiples of files open on my laptop: from lecture handouts, to essay drafts, to reading lists, to a legal dictionary, to statutes and you know where this is going. Of course studying isn’t complete without Facebook, twitter, youtube, google and the dailymail tabs. You can imagine the hassle, but hey what’s writing an essay all about without procrastination?. This place I am sitting in is pretty cosy, where it gets to the point that the other customer may be sitting next you at the same table. I was so into my work, when this little warning tab appears saying ‘Your startup disk is almost full. You need to make more space by deleting files’. I have had that message appear over and over again and I hated…

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