why read about writing?

This is why u ought to “read” about “writing”


Academics are very concerned with getting the writing done and getting the stuff out there. After all, it’s the out there that counts for jobs, careers, bids and for audit purposes. Writing advice therefore often focuses on how to get to the getting-it-out-there.

The problem with this approach is that we often lose sight of the writing itself. Writing is craft, certainly it’s art-ful. Writing involves choosing words with care, arranging them in relation to each other in order to make sense – sense not only meaning understanding but also as provoking senses – writing can go well beyond the simply cognitive.

If we think of ourselves as writers, then we can become interested in more than simply finding out how to get the stuff out there. We can become interested in writing per se. We might also then be interested in other people’s writing practices, and in reading all…

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