The Independent Thinker (Free Mind) Dilemma 

Ed's Blog

To start with, an independent thinker is not necessarily more intelligent or has better understanding, it is a thinking mode where one sets his/her mind free without limiting it to an existing understanding or explanation beyond scientific facts. It is starting with a clean slate, from scratch, bottom up, to question and to inquire, to contemplate and understand, to continuously think about it, till the pieces are assembled together in a whole and meaningful way. The journey requires a lot of letting go, God, religion and the whole metaphysical world are the first to suffer, further, one has to be free from ideology, attachment, and even emotionality. It is a free and lonely mind journey roaming the known with new insights, and the unknown with attention, tolerance and reflection.

Once mind is there, it becomes alien to it’s original environment, especially, if it is an environment that either limits individual…

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