2014 Book Reviews – مراجعات كتب 2014

Cinnamon Zone

I love reviewing books, as opposed to rating them. It just doesn’t feel right to judge a book written by Chekov or Gibran with the same system used to judge hotels and restaurants. I mean,  yes you can give a restaurant a 1-star rating because you found a hair in your soup which was served cold 20 minutes after ordering it, but with all due respect who are you to judge Gabriel Garcia Marquez? I’m serious, I remember coming across a review on Goodreads for a reader who gave “100 years of solitude” a 1-star rating because she read a few pages and decided she hated the book. So, I’ve been avoiding the rating thing lately as I find it condescending and self-important. I find it a better exercise to review books, which means giving your personal impressions and opinions about them.  However, I couldn’t do much of that this…

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