Crossing into the Unknown


refugees-train-14_mPhoto: AFP

My new morning routine, which has been going on for months now, involves passing by a foreign embassy.

Every day as I pass by, I immediately say I am so going to blog about this. But time runs, life happens and I forget about it. Today, however, I am ready. I am ready to express the thoughts I get when I see the people crossing the street into the embassy. I see hope, I see light, I see dreams, I see aspirations, I see goals, I see new beginnings, I see trauma, I see hardships, I see tragedies..and I see despair.

The embassy is one of the embassies that declared its willingness to interview applicants coming from Syria and Iraq to assess their eligibility of being “refugees”. Their stories might not be as I describe them here, they might be the complete opposite. My post is my own reading…

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