Let’s help ‘stressed PhD Students’: Designing-in pedagogies of self-care

The Supervision Whisperers

This post is by Kay Guccione (@kayguccione), who works at the University of Sheffield where she designs mentoring and coaching programmes for research staff and students. She is researching trust and the supervision relationship and tweets about supervision from @predoctorbility.

Discussion ofacademic workloads, measurement culture, and the impact of stress onmental health, andwellbeing has seen some recent andwelldeserved attention.Many of us have known in an uncoordinated,experiential, day-to-day wayaboutacademic strainand stress for a while,through doing, supervising, or supporting research work. Those of us to whom doctoral researchers turn when they’re stressed, areglad to see the mental healthneeds of an at risk group of peoplebeing better documented and championed.

But aside from saying ‘see,ain’t it awful’ — what do we do now we have the proof that the PhD is statisticallysignificantlystressful?

We can design in pedagogies of self-care; creating a (new) academic priority

Calls forraising awareness of stress symptoms and…

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