Who is this article for? Finding your audience.

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For every article (or book chapter), you need to understand who you are writing for to write a strong abstract, a good introduction and conclusion, and to signpost clearly. If you don’t answer these specific questions, people reading your work are often confused, or they guess the answers (and often guess wrong).

For articles, these answers are usually super super specialised, and can be quite different between articles written by the same person. Knowing the answers helps frame the argument and conclusions but also helps you to submit to the right journals for your work.

The questions are:

  • Who is this piece of writing for?
  • What is this piece of writing doing?
  • What will those people do with it once they’ve read it?


books_education_school_literature_know_reading_library_paper-932810.jpg!d.jpegAcademic readers always read with a purpose–they have very limited time for reading just for interest or pleasure, so you need to think about why they…

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