Wanna E-meet me? :)

Hello everybody, this segment is supposed to be “about me”, so here goes…

Haitham is the name, everything is the game… I`m not friends with animals, birds, fish, insects… I sing loudly in public and ask people to sing along if they give me “the look”, I eat sea food for breakfast! “Make that 2nd breakfast please :P” , , I absolutely can`t stand coffee or anything related to caffeine for that matter (well, except for green tea), I’m an organization freak… I`m …

Wait a second! Ditch all that will ya :), let me give it another try:

Haitham, a proud Jordanian with Chechen descent, subsisting on the blogging sphere since 2004 -or before if you count MSN blogging!-, been away for like 2 years in which I`ve been observing many great & exciting blogs, now me planning a come-back.

Found WordPress to be exciting with many good options indeed, so I`m sticking to it. No more TypePad, Tumblr, LiveJournal, or SquareSpace, I promise :P.

Quiet frankly I began blogging initially for me; a sort of online diary + dialogue, mainly for what`s happening in what-so-called life and how the various circles of life are shaping me – hey! It was the hype :).

Now, I`m seeking to reblog based on a different level: I want this to be a space that interests people, provokes their thoughts, and be an aid in matters I feel I can contribute-in.

I will, however, still bombard the world with my personal stuff, so worry you not :D, but it will be a kind of a 50/50 thingy here in as much of me & not-so-me topics too.

What can you expect to see in here? Well, I`m not expecting to change the world with this blog, but aim at amending it :D.  Kindly take a look at the “initial” categories I have in mind, hope it will succeed in dragging you to dig-in deeper later on when my engine starts.

* This blog shall be in Arabic & English -mind you, neither is my 1st language! Sadly I can`t write a single word in my mother tongue :(-

** I have no idea if any of the contents on this blog represent the views of my employer, and (bluntly) I don`t care!

Hmmm, according to blogging 101: it seems I have masterly violated every must-do rule! Brevity IS key, being concise, and installing illustrating photos to your posts, didn`t do any of those, lol. What a way to scare people away from the very start.

I`m about done now, and if this is the “intro” then you can imagine the how the posts might be like 😛 – so DO consider your self warned :D.

Haitham pressing the pause button.

Hope you will enjoy over and above benefit here, if u do; kindly pass it on.


43 responses

  1. كل عام وأنت بخير.. كل عام وأنت في طاعة الرحمن..
    حبيت أقولها يوم قبلاً.. من باب قبل الزحمة..


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  3. الف مبروك هيثم للموقع جديد باعرف متأخره انا الي فتره مبتعده عن التدوين بس 😦
    ان شاء الله تكون البدايه سعيده وتنبسط مع عالم المدونين


    • أهلا ً 🙂 و الله يبارك فيك
      إنت غائبة فعلا ً آخر فترة
      إلي بها العالم
      زمااااان 🙂

      بس بالوورد بريس جديد و شوي متغلّب بصراحة بس عم بتمشي الأمور شوي شوي


  4. الف مبروك الموقع أيها المدون الأنيق
    وإن شاء الله يكون قدم سعد
    مش هيك بحكوا برضوا لما الواحد ينقل لبيت جديد
    إلى الأمام يا هيثم


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