Winnie the Pooh family…

I think if there was a competition for Winnie the Pooh most obsessed families; we would`ve been among the finalists 😛

Kids go nuts for Winnie the Pooh, if you don`t believe me ask Ola!

Illustrating photos:

with poohs

bored yet? No! Gooood, time for some videos then 😛


Meet Tiny Hiyam :)

Day: 8-1-2007.

Time: unknown exactly!! best recollection —-> 3.35 AM.

Subject: our angel :).

On a day like this, exactly 4 years ago,,, our little miracle came to life :)… in a cold wintry night,, just before dawn,, the contractions just seemed so “true” this time and we rushed to the hospital,,, it was in some mystical tasty way an adventure, adventure we waited for eagerly.
On the way our thoughts were scrambled: is it THEEEEE day?! Is it a false alarm? What’s going to happen? Do we tell anyone yet?… finally we arrived and before I know it I found my self waiting outside the OR! It was a funny feeling, never ever thought I would be in such one in my entire life; simply a mixture of emotions that you can never be prepared to, just going through it as it comes.


I can still remember it clearly, at exactly 8:47 AM the nurse came out and told me that everything was fine, our baby Hiyam was born :), a few minutes afterwards i was holding my little angel , holding her!

So tiny, so screamy :D… and it was the beginning of our little happy family.


Where is everybody!

5 photos of Hiyama! :) nothing mOre, BUT nothing less too ;).


She was angry @ me in this (didn`t buy here ice cream!)








Awaiting her pizza here, lol



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