my twitter

My time away from twitter was a hard “journey” and I`d add a successful one!

I only sent 3 messages, and besides some automated pre-scheduled tweets I never tweeted a single tweet!


Horraaaaaaaaaaaay to me

Till today I haven`t been on twitter for more than an hour! And quiet frankly.. I`m liking it!

PS: I hate the new “activity” feature!


Can I?

Yesterday I went out with two good friends of mine (good being = great), we had a bit of a struggle meeting up as I “surrendered” my mobile phone that day (I`m getting a new one! Yippiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie 😛) I had to look for a phone in order to tell them my whereabouts and decide where/when to meet.

It made me think! I recalled how a lot of my friends tried to abandon technology for some time because they were fed up with… EVERYTHING! I remember how the majority failed to survive w/o their cell-phones OR checking their E-mails for more than 24 hours.

Nowadays it`s even more and more difficult to detach one`s self from the online world! The connectedness is simply overwhelming, there is almost NO escape from it.

But then again, quiet a few who managed (managed! :D) pulling it through talked about a unique experience of a peaceful, no-tech world -even if it was for a little while-, and coming back more energetic, in good spirits, and more wired if you want.

I want to give it a try! But when I thought about it I realized I`d fail miserably :(.

So I decided to take it easy and gradually, I thought I`d wait for one week before rewiring with a mobile phone + stop appearing on Twitter  (since I spend a lot of time there!) and see how things go!

I`m not sure if I will “survive”, but I guess it will be a good experience! I`m currently unemployed and do not really need a mobile and in the same time I do have a lot of free time on my hands; so it IS a challenge 🙂

As I type this I`m thinking of cheating! Saying to myself that I`ll only check my Twitter account once / day , or just see who messaged me there, but NO, it`s either a total cut or not 🙂

A week w/o technology is way too much for me, but I`ll start with bits and pieces from it and let you know what happens!

As for what am I going to do with all that offline time, most probably it`ll be spent catching up on some reading(s)! 🙂

See you next Sunday!

catching up …? About time I guess

A few nights back I came home rather late, my brother “4 years younger” was staying up for me! As he saw me he hugged me and said: “u scared me!”  And went off afterwards without adding a word.

That night I took his car and for some reason my mobile was acting up (I diverted my calls to another number and it was working at the beginning but for some reason I didn`t get any calls later on that night, typical tech-savvy haitham of course!” , we`ve lost my little brother few years back and I guess that`s why he -my brother- got worried.

In any case, I couldn`t sleep that night, not at all! I realized how “things” have changed in my close circle.

I`ve been away from home for some time now and came back just recently.

Haven`t really had quality time with my brother for a long time, I got married and accepted a job in Saudi Arabia, he also got married and started cultivating his way… simply no time!

I believe it was a night that resembled “taking things for granted” as far as I am concerned, sort of an eye-opener if you want.

I love you dear bro. you are truly my rock to lean on.

الله يخليلي إياك

* don`t get “that” consumed with life and forget the basics, plan to spend more time with your loved ones, start today!


I`m not sure why exactly I`m doing this; however, I have a confession to make: I have been an addict, Shocking I know, but it is the truth.

A minority of you dear readers and friends know about this already and I just feel the need to come clean with this with you guys. It IS high time.

I have a drinking problem!

Not many excuses I can give myself, life is hard on all of us, so demanding but still there are always better ways out.

I have been trying hard, sometimes I failed to control it but with the help and support I managed to … get better.

I sincerely hope the disappointment while you knowing about this do not stop you from giving me another chance. I feel like a big fat liar and can`t keep it inside no more 😦

This has been my addiction/passion for the past 3 years 😀

I don`t drink a thing but it!

I just can`t get enough of it, I consume AT LEAST one liter of this baby EVERY day.

You ought to try it! It is deliciously delicious 😉