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I am sure that most of us have experienced that feeling of guilt and dread that comes from not getting down to a writing task. We find lots of other things to do instead. More important things. Like looming deadlines. Like people asking for our help. Like new and interesting writing. And when we do – finally – sit down to write, the words don’t come. Despite being determined to crack the nut, the writing just doesn’t happen.

Now I’m not talking here about a bit of trouble getting going. The faltering beginning and stuttering start… well, that happens a lot – and to all of us. Usually, eventually, after some false beginnings, perhaps some free writing or some brainstorming, the words begin to flow. At first, there aren’t many, and then the pace picks up. And then you are writing. I call this writing-your-way-into-writing – sitting down and working…

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Publishing about publishing: a review of ‘Global Academic Publishing’ (eds Curry & Lillis)

DoctoralWriting SIG

By Cally Guerin

Mary Jane Curry & Theresa Lillis (eds), (2018). Global Academic Publishing: Policies, Perspectives and Pedagogies. Studies in Knowledge Production and Participation: 1. Bristol: Multilingual Matters.

In response to increasing pressure from institutions and funding bodies for academics to make their research public, there is a great deal of advice—and anxiety—for those seeking to publish their research. Doctoral writers, too, are often caught up in this ‘push to publish’ and, as emerging scholars, they are likely to be even less well informed about the challenges and nuances of navigating the system than seasoned researchers. When I saw that Mary Jane Curry and Theresa Lillis had published a collection of essays about publishing, I was keen to get some fresh insights into the current state of play in this vexed area—and I have learnt a great deal from their new book.

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ماذا حدث لـ”منكوبي الجوفة”؟


في رمضان الفائت، نصب أهالي البنايات التي انهارت في جبل الجوفة بتاريخ 19 و20 كانون الثاني من العام الجاري خيمةً اعتصام في الأرض التي كانت مقامة عليها بناياتهم المهدومة للتذكير بمشكلتهم، لكن هذا الاحتجاج السلمي لم يسترعِ اهتمام أحد من المعنيين.
يقول ناصر الحاج، وهو من سكان البنايات المنهارة، “قررنا نعمل خيمة ونفطر فيها ونعتصم.. ما في غير أنا وابن خالتي، اثنين، ودفعنا 150 ليرة، قعدنا أسبوعين ولا حد عبّرنا، ولا رضيوا وسائل الإعلام يجوا ولا حتى جيراني”. ويوضح بأنهم اتصلوا بوسيلة إعلامية معروفة لتغطية الاعتصام، سمعوا منها أن “انهيارات الجوفة انتهت وتسكّر الملف”!
لكن هل “تسكّر الملف” حقاً رغم ان المتضررين لا يعلمون بعد مصير الارض، التي باتت خالية وساحة خطرة يلعب فيها الأطفال رغم التحذيرات؟ بعد العثور على مغارات أثرية فيها أثناء إزالة الأنقاض، تمت دراسة الموقع من قبل مديرية دائرة الآثار العامة، لكن مديرها منذر الجمحاوي قال في تصريحات صحفية سابقة إن الدائرة لا تنوي استملاكها. بيد…

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Mamdouh Al-Sharif ممدوح الشريف

Alazaat Views

Mamdouh Al-Sharif, Damascus, Syria, 1885 – 1934.

An Arabic calligraphy artist from Syria, a pioneer in many calligraphic forms, and a revival of the Kufi scripts in the Levant. He practiced and taught calligraphy in his studio in Damascus, and produced significant artworks in Syria and the Arab world.

Today, I’m sharing with you a selected works of Mamdouh Al-Sharif in the Kufi scripts which I believe he exceeded at and added a new Arabian touch to the art of calligraphy whilst the Ottomans were controlling and limiting the Arab people’s life and even their Art back then!

The sources of these works are from my archive and from the internet.

ومن جرّب المجرب حلت به الندامة، من صدق غنم
Mamdouh has experimented in many styles, I’m starting with this minimal one,  he played with the Square Kufi blocks to create an avant-garde piece. 

A masthead/logo for a cultural magazine that was published in Damascus…

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