Mamdouh Al-Sharif ممدوح الشريف

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Mamdouh Al-Sharif, Damascus, Syria, 1885 – 1934.

An Arabic calligraphy artist from Syria, a pioneer in many calligraphic forms, and a revival of the Kufi scripts in the Levant. He practiced and taught calligraphy in his studio in Damascus, and produced significant artworks in Syria and the Arab world.

Today, I’m sharing with you a selected works of Mamdouh Al-Sharif in the Kufi scripts which I believe he exceeded at and added a new Arabian touch to the art of calligraphy whilst the Ottomans were controlling and limiting the Arab people’s life and even their Art back then!

The sources of these works are from my archive and from the internet.

ومن جرّب المجرب حلت به الندامة، من صدق غنم
Mamdouh has experimented in many styles, I’m starting with this minimal one,  he played with the Square Kufi blocks to create an avant-garde piece. 

A masthead/logo for a cultural magazine that was published in Damascus…

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باتجاه النور، أبدًا


  “وما الإنسان في حد ذاته؟ أليس سوى حشرة تافهة تطنّ مصطدمة بزجاج نافذة؟” 

فرناندوا بيسوا، يوميات

لو أنني كنت ملكة، لاستغرق التعريف بي عند دخولي إلى أي بلاط في العالم وقتًا أطول مما تستغرقه حاجبة كاليسي وهي تعرّف بها. لو أنني ملكة لقال الحاجب على كل باب، قفوا، فأنتم في حضرة ابنة حقيقيات النوى، سداسية الأرجل، حاملة رتبة صاحبة الجناحين، ابنة شعبة مفصليات الأرجل، أخت ثنائيات اللقمة. قفوا للذبابة المنزلية

ورغم هذا المجد الذي ورثته كابرًا عن كابر، إلّا أنني، أحلم أن أكون فراشة.

اسمعوا، لست أشتكي البتة، صحيح أنني أحيا على المزابل، وأطُارد كما الأطفال بالشباشب، إلّا أن هذه الحياة أفضل من حياة معظم البشر، فعلى الأقل أنا في معظم الوقت حرّة، لست مطالبة في آخر الشهر بإيجار بيت، ولا أخاف قول رأيي في أي شيء حتى في الشواسمه، وفوق هذا وذاك، أطير فيما يزحف غيري. صحيح أنني أعيش، إن حالفني الحظ ونجوت من البيف باف وغيره أربعة…

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vignette variations


I was recently asked foran example of the use of vignette. Here it is.

There are many ways to write a journal article besidesthe standard Introduction followed by a Literature Review, Methods, Results and Discussion and Conclusion.

While there are not a lot of journals that appear to publish papers in alternative genres and styles, there are perhaps more than you might imagine. Editors are often quite keen to provide a variety of papers and approaches and this may be flagged in the journal’s mission statement, or via special issues intended to encourage new contributions to the journalcommunity.

Once a writer decides to abandon the conventional social science journal genre and locates a journal willing to publish, they must decide ontheir alternative approach. Manywriters turn to literary genres.

Here is one example of an approach to the paper introduction which is relatively common, the first person narrative. The example…

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PhD career capital

The Thesis Whisperer

My sister is fond of reminding me that, in 1992, after returning from my first overseas trip to Europe, I told her I wanted a career where I could “get on and off planes and talk to people for a living”. It’s appropriate then, that I write this post while flying high above the red centre of Australia on my way back to chilly Canberra from tropical Darwin.

In the getting-on-and-off-planes-and-talking-to-people business, expectation management is crucial. Sometimes people ask me to do a one hour talk on:

  • How you got so ‘big’ on social media
  • What PhD students should do to be successful
  • What you’re researching right now

Of course, any one of those topics is a talk on its own – maybe even a course. In the past, I’ve tried to cover all three and just left everyone feeling confused. Now I spend time talking to my prospective…

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