No Tobacco Day- Environment wise (via Prosperedaffirmations’s Blog)

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No Tobacco Day- Environment wise Al-Hadidi twins Dara & Dawaser started a movement almost two years ago called ‘Smoke Free Amman’… They did great job by making smoking banned in some malls… And few months ago, the amazing Zeina Shahzada started ‘Smoke Free Jordan’ and having a ‘No Tobacco Day’  event today… Zeina and Women against indoor smoking in Jordan are trying to  activate the laws and regulations already put about banning indoor smoking in public places. I’m not … Read More

via Prosperedaffirmations’s Blog

World No Tobacco Day

May 31 2011, marks the World No Tobacco Day.

In short, I`d like to see more people quiting, or starting to. Would loooooooooove to see less people whining about it and mingling unrelated stuff into the whole notion of smoking.

It is an addiction – #Fact, not just a nasty habit.

It kills! Period.

It is nOt an act “act! Shot me now” of free-will, you are depriving me, our generations to come, AND your-self from air. Start doing something about it, today! Get help. Save your body/mind, and soul.

Thank you kindly.

Start quitting today!

Yesterday marked the Anti-Smoking Day. 

Of course we all were pretty occupied with what was going on regarding Flotilla. 

Quit it!


* Our hearts, thoughts, and prayers to the courageous people of Flotilla.