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While I’m writing the book, I’m surrounded by some of my favourite texts about writing. None of them have all the answers, but there are some nuggets I’d love to share with you.

First up, journalist, novelist, and Nobel Prize for Literature winner, Ernest Hemingway.


Ernest Hemingway is famous for his economical and understated style (hence the Hemingway Editor app which promises to ‘make your writing bold and clear’ by encouraging simple, direct, short sentences). He is also famous for his adventures, and his novels of men ‘his novels of men boxing, bullfighting, hunting giant fish, and battling each other in war‘. So, pretty tough.

And yet, that Nobel Prize recognises his influence on other writers and his insight into men’s minds and hearts–and that included his own. Hemingway is one of the most insightful and encouraging authorities on how to write.

‘I loved to write very…

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# 49 Ahmad Al-Shugairi

Stuff Saudi People Like

ahmedThe man the myth the legend … allow me to introduce to you Mr. Ahmad Al-Shugairi. Saudis see Mr. Al-Shugairi as the world saver who will save them from all evil …  that is why we can call him Saudi “Grendizer”( غراندايزر). Ahmad started airing his famous TV show “Khawater”  almost 10 years ago, and from that point…people became glued to their TV screens watching his show with high emotions and “sighing” on every scene that touches their delicate hearts.

Mr. Al-Shugairi  is a true definition of success, and Saudis admire his great story and how he became a glowing star among other TV personalities. Basically, what Ahmad is conveying in his TV shows is simply how to be a good human being, and since nowadays the world started to drift away from their values and goodness, an example of a good human being is something unheard of, as if an alien came from another plant to show us how…

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من الهامش.. إنتروبي

أحمد الحقيل

كان يسوع، وهو يقود ركبا من العبيد، يتجه في طريقه إلى أنطاكية، التي لم يزرها منذ أن زحف البارثيون للاستيلاء عليها. قابل حول باب المدينة جيش يوليوس قيصر العائد من الاسكندرية بعد أن لحق ببومبيوس الذي كان قد فر إليها إثر هزيمته في معركة فارسلوس. احتفلت المدينة بزيارة القيصر التي صادفت الذكرى السنوية لتأسيسها على يد سلوقس نيكتاتور. استقر يسوع في أنطاكية، يعمل تاجرا في سوق النخاسة. تزوج امرأة تدعى هيلانة، تعمل في الخياطة، وأنجب خمسة أبناء. لا يشيخ، علامات شيب في صدغه لا تزيد، تجعدات ثلاثينية لا تتغير، يربط أصله بأب يدعى يوحنا، عمل كل عمره نجارا في بيت لحم. بعد أربعين سنة، وفي الوقت المحدد، خرج من المدينة بعد أن ودع زوجته التي شاخت وأبناءه الذين يبدون مثل إخوته، مدعيا أنه سيقوم برحلة تجارية إلى اليمن. قسم أمواله، وأخذ نصفها، وترك الباقي لعائلته.

استقر في أورشليم، واختار أن يعمل بائعا للأقمشة. لم يرى ضرورة لتغيير اسمه أو قصته…

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new series -#wakeupreader

thesis writing is hard? Then stay tuned to Pat’s tips.


When my son was about ten years old we went on holiday to Perth. We didn’t fly, as many people do. We drove from Adelaide where we lived. That’s a distance of 2691.44 km, about twenty-four hours driving time. It takes around three days, even more if you stop along the way. A lot of the drive is on The Eyre Highway which cuts across The Nullabor  for 1675Kms. The Nullabor is mostly a flat, dry, treeless plain; there are very long stretches of the road where there doesn’t seem to be much going on. It’s only if you stop and get out of the car that you start to see the micro-variation.

Like many Australians, we figured that Driving The Nullabor was an essential part of the Australian experience. We had to do it at least once.


I’d grown up with my parents’ stories of the drive. They regularly braved the distance in…

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