Can I?

Yesterday I went out with two good friends of mine (good being = great), we had a bit of a struggle meeting up as I “surrendered” my mobile phone that day (I`m getting a new one! Yippiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie 😛) I had to look for a phone in order to tell them my whereabouts and decide where/when to meet.

It made me think! I recalled how a lot of my friends tried to abandon technology for some time because they were fed up with… EVERYTHING! I remember how the majority failed to survive w/o their cell-phones OR checking their E-mails for more than 24 hours.

Nowadays it`s even more and more difficult to detach one`s self from the online world! The connectedness is simply overwhelming, there is almost NO escape from it.

But then again, quiet a few who managed (managed! :D) pulling it through talked about a unique experience of a peaceful, no-tech world -even if it was for a little while-, and coming back more energetic, in good spirits, and more wired if you want.

I want to give it a try! But when I thought about it I realized I`d fail miserably :(.

So I decided to take it easy and gradually, I thought I`d wait for one week before rewiring with a mobile phone + stop appearing on Twitter  (since I spend a lot of time there!) and see how things go!

I`m not sure if I will “survive”, but I guess it will be a good experience! I`m currently unemployed and do not really need a mobile and in the same time I do have a lot of free time on my hands; so it IS a challenge 🙂

As I type this I`m thinking of cheating! Saying to myself that I`ll only check my Twitter account once / day , or just see who messaged me there, but NO, it`s either a total cut or not 🙂

A week w/o technology is way too much for me, but I`ll start with bits and pieces from it and let you know what happens!

As for what am I going to do with all that offline time, most probably it`ll be spent catching up on some reading(s)! 🙂

See you next Sunday!